Arguably the best UI for comfortable Telegram posting

Fancy UI suitable for longreads

Out of the box Telegram tooling is perfect for publishing short messages on the go, but makes it virtually impossible scribing longer texts. Stenograph provides fancy lightweigh UI for immersive writing experience.

Drafts and publication schedule

Good stories might take days to brew. Be sure they are safe and sound in Stenograph's vaults while you are able to amend them any time you want. They can be scheduled for publishing any time too (even during late night hours when you are asleep).

Multi-message stories as threads

There is nothing more annoying than sudden characters limit alert preventing you from finishing the story. Stenograph's editor desinged to keep track of it for you so whenever characters limit is reached – it seamlessly starts a new message.

Previews inside Telegram before publishing]

Multiple channels and editors per channel

Channels and stories analytics